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Our Mission ABC Seminars was created to give New England organizations world-class communication training at an affordable price.

 We are located in central New England, between Boston and Providence, so we can easily meet with you at your site, if necessary, to discuss your organization's specific needs.  But, just because we are based in New England, don't think we won't go anywhere.

And because each organization is unique, so too are our seminars.  We have no preprinted workbooks; everything is created in modular fashion and kept in our computers ready for you to tell us what you need.  We take all material to you in 3-ring binders and use everything we take.   We're available to work first, second, or even third shift!

We also offer the best guarantee in the business:   You must be satisfied, or you don't pay.

No Questions.  No Kidding.

If you are looking for custom-created, affordable training that allows participants to truly change their ideas or behaviors, call or e-mail us today.  You'll be glad you did!