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"Variations on a Door"



Patchwork Door


Impressionist Door



Calling all Designers and Artisans!

Would you like to be able to show off your work? Whether you designed it or built it we want to see it. The Showcase is here to recognize the art and craft of theatre. So if you are a Props Artisan who built something cool or a Prop Shop who built a lot of cool stuff - send us some pictures, tell us what they are and what show the are from, and of course who built them.

If Scene or Costume Shop people want to submit items for consideration it would be great to have pictures of the renderings or models to accompany them - a kind of before and after thing!

Also if you are an Artisan who is also an Artist and you want to show off your own work - No Problem! Tell us what you do in theatre and send us pictures of your work.


Submission Process:

Send PDP -

1. Up to 5 pictures - if you are sending renderings and finished items then 10.

- please include what show and theatre the items are from.

2. Your Bio

3. Any shameless plugs about current or upcoming productions you are working on.

4. Contact info (this will not be posted - it is strictly incase we need to reach you)

Put it all together and email it to If you need to snail mail anything (if you really can’t find any way to get the pictures scanned) email PDP and we’ll send you the address of the secret hide out!